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2564th Buddha Jayanti

Venue: On the occasion of the 2564th Buddha Jayanti, I extend my sincere love and best wishes. Everyone stay healthy, stay alert - Sujit Barua, Kolkata.

Starts from: 05/07/2020
Ends on: 05/07/2020

Vidarshan Shiksha Kendra is informing all concerned that 'Buddha Purnima' will be celebrated on 6th May 2020 (Thursday) at our Buddha Vihara as per tradition. It is pertinent to note that due to the Corona (COVID-19) epidemic and as per the relevant government guidelines, it will not be possible to hold any gathering on the premises of 'Bihar' on that day. In this situation, the religious ceremonies of the entire people of the monastery adjacent to the worship of the worshipers and worshipers to complete the spectacle. Blackness and awareness are desirable.
NB : In the current context, the Vidarshan Shiksha Kendra has come up with a different plan to commemorate this year's Buddha Purnima. The point is to record an audio in 3 to 4 minutes. Be sure to mention your name, place of residence and date of the audio record at the beginning of the audio record. The subject of the audio record is "Buddha Purnima and our position in the current lock-down situation".
Interested persons should send the audio record to this WhatsApp number 8013324745 by 6th May 2020 (Friday) mentioning their name and place of residence. Combine the collected audio records into "POTTERY RD." Will be sent to WhatsApp group.

In favor of 'Vidarshan Shiksha Kendra'
Petitioner: Dr. Sujit Kumar Barua